Visit Vicenza, city of Palladio 


Suggested train:
- Train from Padua to Vicenza: departure at 01:53 pm, arrival at 02:18 pm.

  • Free arrival in Vicenza and meeting at 02.30 pm our guide in in front of the railway station of Vicenza
  • Visit to the Church of Santa Corona famous for the paintings of Bellini
  • Visit to the Teatro Olimpico (Olympic Theatre) built by Andrea Palladio for the representation of classical tragedies. Palladio began work on the theatre in 1580, a few months before his death, and it was completed in 1584 by V. Scamozzi; the latter also created the Fixed Scenes and the rooms known as the Olympic Odeo. The theatre is a surprising, magic place, made of wood and stucco according to a classic pattern; the fixed scenes represent the five streets of Thebes seen in perspective, but they are in fact idealized views of streets in Vicenza itself
  • Nice walk among the historical squares; arrival in Piazza dei Signori, which has been the heart of activity in the town ever since the time of the Communes and also its "drawing room". The majestic construction in white Piovene stone which occupies the south side is the Basilica Palladiana, the symbolic monument of Vicenza. The Basilica includes the previous fifteenth-century Gothic buildings with a double order of Loggias (1549-1617), by Palladio. The rhythm of the construction is marked out by Serlian arches and columns; the building, inside which there is a grand hall, is covered with a copper keel roof.

05:30 pm end of the tour in Piazza dei Signori


Suggested train to reach Padua
-Train from Vicenza 06:08 pm to Padua, arrival at 18:39 pm
-Train ticket is not included – buy the ticket on 

  • Friday 22nd July
  • € 34,00 per person - the tour will be held only with a minimum of 25 people.


The amount of € 34,00 includes: reservation fee, entrance fees, technical assistance and guide, insurance. 


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