Visit Padova "Urbs Picta", Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel 


05:00 pm meeting with the guide in front of the entrance of the Eremitani Museum - Piazza Eremitani, 8 - Padova

  • Visit of the Cappella Scrovegni (Scrovegni Chapel). It is a painting masterpiece of Italian and European fourteenth century and it is considered the most complete cycle of frescoes painted by Giotto in his mature. Colour and light, poetry and pathos. Man and God. The sense of nature and history, the sense of humanity and faith fused to tell the uniqueness story of the Madonna and Christ. Giotto completed the Chapel frescoes within the first months of 1306.
  • The tour continues with the visit of the Museo Eremitani (Eremitani Museum) a prosperous collection of 3000 paintings. The museum houses two cycles of UNESCO-listed frescoes: la Croce di Giotto (Giotto’s Cross), originally housed in the Scrovegni Chapel, and Gli Angeli (the Angels) by the painter Guariento d’Arpo.
  • The final stop is the visit of the Chiesa degli Eremitani (Chiesa degli Eremitani), that was built in 1276, in an area where a previous religious building stood, since the first half of 13th century also dedicated to the Saints Philip and Augustine. From the architectural point of view, it is one of the greatest examples of pure Romanesque in Northern Italy. It is universally known for the frescoes by Andrea Mantegna located in the Cappella Ovetari (Ovetari Chapel), the first example of Renaissance art in Northern Italy. The Church was very rich in decorations, but unfortunately, most of it was destroyed and went lost during the bombing of the Second World War on the 11th March 1944.

End of the tour at about 07:00 pm.

  • Friday 15th July 
  • Saturday 16th July 
  • Monday 18th July 
  • Friday 22nd July
  • € 34,00 per person - the tour will be held only with a minimum of 25 people.


The amount of € 34,00 includes: reservation fee, entrance fees, technical assistance and guide, insurance.


You can make your reservation online! Payment can be made by credit card at the end of the booking